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The Dress (Chanyeol-centric)

Pairing: None
Rating: PG for some language?
Length: 645w
Summary: Why did chanyeol post the damn dress thing to IG??

That's it it's my imagining (helped along by my roommate) of WHY THE HECK he posted it

Are you fucking blind?? That dress is blue and black!”

“No it’s not, you dipshit, look! That is obviously white and gold.”

“Alright alright we need another opinion. Chanyeol hyung! What color is this?” Chanyeol flinches as Sehun’s overexcited screech pierces his ear drums, then again as Sehun and Jongin fling themselves down next to him on the couch, one on each side. Sehun is still bouncing as he shoves his phone in Chanyeol’s face, far too close for Chanyeol to see much of anything except a blur of backlit color just beyond the tip of his nose.

He grabs Sehun’s wrist, moving the phone back to a more reasonable distance his eyes are actually capable of focusing on. He grimaces at the shitty photo of an ugly dress filling the screen. Jongin leans in close and Chanyeol reels back as far as he’s able. “So? Hyung? What color do you think it is??”

“Uhh....” Chanyeol grunts intelligently. There’s some sort of trick here, he’s sure. “It’s, uh, it’s black and blue?”

Jongin leaps up from the couch, crowing his triumph (“I knew I liked you, hyung!”) while Sehun immediately latches on to Chanyeol’s arm whining about that being the wrong answer. He sticks out a gangly leg to trip Jongin, who is dancing in front of them shouting mockeries of Sehun’s vision, genetics, and general intelligence. He tumbles to the floor in a heap, glaring up at Sehun as he detangles himself from his own limbs.

Sehun stands up with a huff and steps over the Jongin pretzel on the ground. “I won’t accept this. You two are both just stupid. I’m going to ask Minseokkie hyung, the only one I can trust!” He stomps away and Jongin, having finally worked himself free, jumps to follow, dragging a bemused Chanyeol behind him.

They find Minseok with Kyungsoo in the kitchen, both of them sampling something from the pot bubbling on the stove before grimacing in unison as Kyungsoo moves to the cupboard. Sehun shoves his phone in Minseok’s face much as he’d done to Chanyeol earlier. Minseok, like Chanyeol, gently moves the phone away from his face before his expression twists as he takes in the monstrosity on the screen. Sehun and Jongin together start screeching about the color of the dress while Kyungsoo scolds them about using inside voices because we have neighbors, you know.

Minseok looks equally as put-upon as Chanyeol had felt earlier and seems to hesitate slightly. “It’s blue? And black?” Jongin’s triumph is doubled, while Sehun hangs off of Minseok and whines about how I thought I could trust you.

Kyungsoo returns from the cupboard, salt in hand, and peers over Minseok’s shoulder at the phone. “Are you sure? That looks white and gold to me.” All at once, Jongin is crushed and Sehun is filled with new life, dancing around Jongin where has crumpled to the floor.

Within an hour the entire dorm has been drawn into the debate. It’s getting nasty at times; Jongdae and Baekhyun almost came to blows earlier when Jongdae said something extremely deprecating about the dress somehow being even uglier than Baekhyun’s shirt, and Baekhyun replied that at least he could keep his shirt on. Joonmyun has been attempting to calm things down, but at this point everyone is too worked up to really listen, and Yixing’s constantly changing opinion certainly isn’t helping anything.

Chanyeol is trying to hide, doing his best to fit into the corner behind the potted ficus and keep out of the debate. Tao spins around, spots Chanyeol cowering by the plant and drags him out, demanding that he make Yixing hyung settle on one answer. Chanyeol has had enough.

“ALRIGHT!” His overloud voice is coming in handy for once. “I have like over three million followers on Instagram, lets just get their opinion and stop? Talking about it??